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Sasan – Coal power project, India

Project Title: Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions Through Super-Critical Technology – Sasan Power Ltd.
Status: Registered
Ref #: 3690
Consolidated baseline and monitoring methodology for new grid connected fossil fuel fired power plants using a less GHG intensive technology – ACM0013 ver. 2

The Sasan project is one of nine UMPP plants being pursued by the Indian government – four of which are pithead locations the other five will be coastal in order to receive coal imports. Of the nine proposed plants, two (in Maharashtra and in Karnataka) are currently delayed due to heavy local protest over the land acquisition process. The Sasan Power Project is controlled by Sasan Power Limited, which is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries.

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Reliance is applying for carbon credits through the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) because it is employing more efficient super critical coal technology. This represents a serious misuse of the CDM which is meant to stimulate investments in clean energy for sustainable development. The CDM Executive Board previously rejected a similar application from the first UMPP – the Tata Mundra in India – clearly demonstrating that these projects are not the investments in sustainable development that are so desperately needed.

According to the PDD

Sasan Power Limited (Ltd.), Project participant, is implementing a new 3,960 MW (6 each) project activity using higher efficiency super Sasan, Madhya Pradesh, India. The generated electricity of project activity will be evacuated to the India. Generated electricity of the project activity addresses fourteen utilities in the western and northern regions. Steam Generator and Turbine Generator for project activity will be procured from Shanghai Electric Group Company of China which acquired technology for steam generators from Alstom, France and that for turbine generators from Siemens of Germany.

Identified shortcomings

•  Like all other ACM00013 projects, 3690 is non-additional and only undermines genuine climate progress. Read more…
•  Additional environmental damage occurs in the local area, effecting crops and human health for years to come.

What we are calling for:

•  Coal fired power projects must stop receiving climate finance immediately! Read more…


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