Carbon Market Watch

For fair and effective climate protection.

Carbon Market Watch Network

The Carbon Market Watch Network brings together NGOs and academics from the global North and South in three working languages: English, French and Spanish. Its purpose is to strengthen the voice of civil society in advocating for a strong accountability of climate finance.

Activities relate to a wide range of issues, including human rights and climate mitigation, accountability of climate finance and experience with specific climate protection projects and programmes.

If you are an NGO or academic, you may join the Network here.

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For more details on who is part our the Network, visit our Network Members page.

The Carbon Market Watch Network Provides

  • Access to information about carbon market policies and climate finance via campaign news, policy updates as well as media coverage of relevant topics.
  • A platform for peer support and knowledge sharing on project campaigns and advocacy efforts through discussion lists and a quarterly member newsletter.
  • Opportunities to participate in advocacy actions such as open letters, global internet campaigns and policy submissions.
  • Capacity building activities on key international climate policy issues (NAMAs, CDM) through workshops and webinars

The views and positions of Carbon Market Watch do not necessarily represent the positions of the Carbon Market Watch Network or its individual member organizations, unless otherwise stated. Likewise, there is no obligation for Network members to adhere to Carbon Market Watch position papers and submissions, however, support, input and comments are always welcome!

Carbon Market Watch Network membership is free and open to all NGOs and academics. We especially invite activists and local movements from the global South to join the Network.

If you have any questions about the Network, do not hesitate to get in touch with our network coordinator:

To join, please fill out the online registration form at here.