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Tools & Resources

CDM Toolkit – A Resource for Citizens, Activists and NGOs

This is a tool for those who have concerns about CDM projects and want to know more about how the mechanism works and how to assess projects. It provides an overview of the CDM, the actors involved and its history. It explains the process a CDM project has to go through to obtain approval and be able to generate carbon credits. The toolkit explains key issues and gives campaign tips such as opportunities for public input.

Download the CDM Toolkit in:

For an updated version of the CDM Toolkit download here: Toolkit 2.0 – English

Carbon Market Watch Checklist: How to Write a Stakeholder Comment

Before the validator assesses whether the project developer has complied with the key requirements in the PDD, the public has the chance to make submissions during a 30-day public commenting period. During this period, you can raise your concerns to the validator about whether the project meets the validation requirements and thus whether it should be approved. That is why validation is a crucial point in the project approval process for civil society actors.

We prepared a checklist to help you write and submit your comments.

Public Comments Checklist English
Comentarios Publicos Listado

Note that any comments you make do not have to be long and do not have to address all of the validation requirements or the technical specifications of the project. Your submission can be a one-paragraph text addressing only one of the requirements (see checklist). The deadline for the submission of public comments is 24h GMT and comments have to be submitted in English through the online system to be valid. Please get in touch if you would like assistance with writing or submitting a comment.

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