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COP 22 Network Interview – Kamese Geoffrey (National Association of Environmental Scientists NAPE)


COP22 Side Event Carbon markets in the Paris Agreement: Civil Society Priorities for the future (UNFCCC)

The EU ETS How it works & its role in transitioning away from coal (Webinar)


L’entreprise ArcelorMittal gagne-t-elle de l’argent en polluant?

Le Scan, épisode #3 (external link)




European Parliament Event:

Enhancing the EU’s industrial competitiveness through the EU ETS innovation fund – May 2016



BBC News interview (external link)

How Tata Steel made millions from EU pollution permits


RE-PLUMBING THE EU ETS: low-carbon innovation and carbon leakage in a post-Paris world

European Parliament Event – March 2016

Webinar – Acting on Aviation Emissions


Interview with Brod fur die Welt

Sustainable development in future carbon markets and climate finance COP21


Stand up for Human Rights!

Human Right Action at COP21

HOT AIR Interview

Femke and CAPMAN discuss Hot Air at COP21


Carbon Market Webinar

Role of carbon markets under the Paris climate treaty (Pre COP21)


EU Council Energy and Climate Tug of War

Put your weight behind renewables! Media Action – Sept 2015


EU Climate Boxing Ring

European Parliament Media Action – February 2015


European Parliament ETS Linking Event – May 2015

A Human Rights Based Approach To Climate Action
What Accountability For EU’s Climate Finance Contributions?

European Parliament Event on Human Rights in Climate – March 2015


MY COP Part 1 and 2

Two stories from COP20 – December 2014

See No Evil

COP19 Media Action on Human Rights – November 2013


Short film looking at Forest Carbon – June 2013

Burst Kyoto’s Hot Air Bubble

COP18 Media Action on AAU Surplus – December 2012

Kick Coal out of the CDM

COP17 Media Action (CDM Watch) – December 2011




COP18: Eva Filzmoser of Carbon Markets Watch talking about Burst Kyoto’s Hot Air Bubble!

COP18: Anja Kollmuss, Senior Policy Researcher at Carbon Market Watch