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Civil society workshop on CDM in India, April 2012 (Newsletter #18)

11 Feb 2012

Together with our Indian partners, CDM Watch will facilitate a workshop on CDM and carbon market developments from 18-20 April in Ahmedabad, India. This workshop will bring together a wide range of civil society organisations from across India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The objective of the workshop is to share experience with CDM projects and the CDM governance process. The workshop will go into detail on national governments’ environment and development responsibilities regarding the CDM. It will also encourage multi-stakeholder dialogue. The conclusions drawn from the workshop will feed into recommendations to national governments, the CDM Executive Board and UNFCCC negotiators. We look forward to running this effective program that will include fresh opportunities for engagement with the UNFCCC policy dialogue panel.

As the focus on CDM projects migrates to LDCs, the workshop ultimately aims to strengthen the role of local communities in the CDM in India that presently host over 1,800 CDM projects, and kick-off a dialogue with CSOs in neighboring LDCs Nepal and Bangladesh.

If you are interested in getting involved in this workshop please contact Andrew: