Carbon Market Watch

Carbon Market Watch (anciennement CDM Watch) scrute les marchés du carbone et milite pour une protection efficace et juste du climat.

Publications & Comments

PaperCarbon Market Watch scrutinises carbon markets and advocates for fair and effective climate protection. In these sections you find information about our publications. Publications before November 2012 were published under the name CDM Watch. Please use the menu on the left or the search button on the home page to find information on the topics you are interested in.

Reports & Studies

Carbon Market Watch bases its campaigns on scientific evidence and independent research – for this reason we regularly commission studies by independent experts. If you are looking for a specific study please use our search button on the home page or look up the topic on the menu to the left.

 CDM Project-Specific Comments:


Public Comments on CDM Projects

Before a CDM project can be validated, the project information (in the form of the ‘project design document’ or PDD) is uploaded to the UNFCCC website so that global stakeholders can submit comments. This global stakeholder consultation lasts for 30 days. The validation is a crucial point in the project approval process for civil society actors. During this period, everyone can raise concerns to the validator (DOE) about whether the project meets the validation requirements and therefore, whether it should be approved. Carbon Market sends weekly alerts about new projects under validation and provides guidance and support for civil society organisations that would like to submit comments during this 30-day period. For more information see your voice in the CDM.

Letters to the CDM Executive Board

Once the official 30-day global stakeholder period is over, the CDM project cycle does not offer any more opportunities for public input. However, if auditors recommend registration of projects that have negative impacts or there are concerns about a project’s additionality, Carbon Market directly communicates its concerns to the UNFCCC Secretariat and the CDM Executive Board.

Letters to Buyers & Investors

It is in the interest of buyers and investors that offset credits they purchase have environmental integrity and don’t do social harm. Carbon Market therefore highlights issues and particularly problematic projects with offset buyers and CDM project investors.

Letters to Governments

Carbon Market highlights issues and particularly problematic projects with host-country and buyer governments. Find below, in chronological order our letters to governments.

Policy Submissions:

web picCDM Executive Board

Carbon Market closely follows CDM policy developments discussed at the CDM Executive Board. Often the CDM Executive Board issues a public call for input on specific issues.


Carbon Market advocates for stronger environmental and social integrity of UN offsetting schemes and new market mechanisms


Carbon Market works to ensure that European governments live up to their claim to be at the forefront of international efforts to combat climate change. We do this by campaigning for EU action against carbon credits that do not represent real emission reductions and by advocating for the inclusion of additional criteria to uphold human rights and promote sustainable development. We also put pressure on credit buyers not to purchase carbon credits from socially and environmentally harmful projects.