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How to Search Projects

The CDM site of the UNFCCC is the only official source for project details, status of registration, actors involved and methodologies applied. While user-friendliness has improved over the last few years, finding information is still tricky. You can search the database by country or by status.

  • In the ‘Prior consideration’ section you can verify if projects that you are monitoring are thinking of applying for CDM support. Select your country in the field ‘Host Party’ to see a full list of projects considering CDM support
  • Use ‘Projects at validation’ when looking for projects that are open for comments and projects who haven’t yet been validated
  • Use ‘Project cycle search’ when looking for projects that have moved beyond the validation stage (such as: requesting registration, review requested, corrections requested, registered, rejected or withdrawn)
  • There is also an RSS feed that you can set up here to get the latest information straight into your inbox.

If You Do Not Know the Project’s Name

Start with a simple online search using ‘CDM + location and/or company’. Often you will get direct hits on the UNFCCC page which will facilitate further research, providing you with project title and details. You can then continue your search using the most recent UNEP Risoe CDM Pipeline or the IGES database. Download the spreadsheet and sort by country and province. Beware that the pipeline is updated only once a month and therefore does not include all up to-date information. Therefore always finish by double-checking the status of the project and the publicly available project documents on the UNFCCC homepage.

Finally, contacting the respective national CDM authority (the Designated National Authority or DNA) can often bring additional clarity to a project. You can find the contact details of all DNAs through the search interface on the UNFCCC homepage.