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Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016

FOREWORD 2016 was a year that shook the world and the European Union in particular. The new hope for multilateral climate cooperation under the 2015 Paris agreement received a blow with the election of a climate denier to the White House. The European Union, as an ongoing project for peace and prosperity, was shaken by a Brexit referendum […] more »

Annual Report 2015

FOREWORD 2015 was a watershed moment in the global fight against irreversible climate change. Ever since the industrial revolution and the carbon surge that followed, time has not been on our side. With consequences of global warming on our planet already changing our weather systems, predictions suggest our output of CO2 into the atmosphere will not peak until […] more »

Annual Report 2014

FOREWORD After the G7 summit and in the run-up to the Paris COP21, climate issues are back high on the global agenda. A decarbonised global economy until the end of the century – G7 leaders almost sound like NGOs. When everybody claims to be in favour of climate protection, it is difficult to get a clear picture of […] more »

Annual Report 2013

Foreword 2013 was another busy and eventful year for Nature Code and its associated project Carbon Market Watch. With new developments in international carbon markets continuing to flow thick and fast, we paused only briefly to celebrate our official launch in July before getting our noses back to the grindstone! Despite plummeting carbon prices, plans […] more »

Annual Report 2012

Following an eventful three years of watching carbon markets in Europe and internationally, a new not-for-profit association has emerged. The establishment of Nature Code – Centre of Environment & Development is the result of an initiative by former advisory board members of Carbon Market Watch (formerly CDM Watch), to advocate for policy solutions which promote genuine sustainable development, environmental integrity and good governance. The aim of this new association is to provide decision makers around the world with fact-based advocacy and to involve local communities in decision making processes. more »