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Carbon market provisions in Paris climate treaty: all cards on the table

The new draft negotiation text still features brackets around all provisions related to carbon markets, showing that Parties have still not found agreement on whether there will be an explicit role for carbon markets in the new Paris agreement. Options under discussions in the next 48+ hours include inter alia the role of carbon trading […] more »

What future for offset credits and carbon markets?

We are concerned to see that the L.6 text leaves open the option of continuing to generate and trade offset credits. If we are going to keep global average temperature increases below 1.5ºC, we need to be achieving the decarbonisation transformation. Written by Katherine Watts, International Climate Policy Advisor at Carbon Market Watch   Use of offsets […] more »

State of play of the negotiations

As I write, ministers are gathering in the plenary Room Seine, to make speeches to set the stage for the final week of negotiations, in what the COP President has just called “a week of hope”. So where are we now after a week of intensive negotiations? Written by Katherine Watts, International Climate Policy Advisor at […] more »

SOS: Save Our 2050 Strategies

To keep global temperature increases to 1.5C, to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, will require us all to do all we can to decarbonize as quickly as we are capable. Having national plans in place that focus on near-term action in the context of longer term decarbonization and climate resilience will help to […] more »

Game Over For Hot Air?

Article submitted by Carbon Market Watch and published in issue #6 of ECO – the COP 21 NGO daily Newsletter  ECO understands that several Parties are trying to get the high score for the new video game CAPMAN–our cute climate superhero fighting against Hot Air villains. Today’s winners are five EU countries (Denmark, Germany, the […] more »

Elephants in the room – time to trumpet the need for emissions cuts from aviation and shipping

Despite being major sources of emissions, international aviation and shipping are remaining below the radar of many negotiators in Paris – they are the elephants in the room. This is a shame, as together they account for around 5% of global CO2 emissions and have massive growth rates in emissions anticipated (50-250% by 2050 for […] more »

Beware hot air in the Paris climate talks

Paris is hosting the 21st climate summit and the hopes are high that the conference will produce a new climate treaty to help keep global warming to below dangerous levels. The measure of success of the Paris climate treaty hinges on its ability to promote new climate actions while containing the dangers that hot air […] more »

Leave poor land-use alone, he has his own problems

Land-use has always been a tricky subject, complicated even more by the fact that countries are putting land use into their INDCs, without clear measures and accounting rules. If, as with some parties, accounting rules hide CO2 released when harvesting, emissions will go unnoticed and the true amount of emission reductions achieved by land activities […] more »