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Policy Event: Arrival status – did ICAO deliver an effective aviation climate deal?

After 3 years of work, ICAO is due to agree a global climate deal for international aviation at its triennial assembly Sept 27 – Oct 7th. The outcome will be closely watched to see if the sector can take action to limit is considerable and growing climate impact. more »

Policy Side Event: Ensuring human rights in climate change mitigation actions

Event Background: Climate actions need to respect, protect and fulfill human rights. Past experiences with mechanisms established under the UNFCCC are critical for shaping the newly established Sustainable Development Mechanism (SDM). The event will reflect on lessons learnt from positive and negative impacts of climate mitigation actions. Speakers will underline the need for robust safeguards […] more »

European Parliament Event: The Effort Sharing Decision post-2020: How to ensure that the EU’s largest climate instrument is fit for purpose

Background: The European Commission will soon present new climate policy to reduce the emissions of the non-traded sectors after 2020. These sectors – including road transport, buildings and agriculture, amongst others – are currently covered by the EU’s Effort Sharing Decision (ESD), which regulates almost 60% of the GHG greenhouse gas emissions in the EU.  […] more »

European Parliament Event: Enhancing the EU’s industrial competitiveness through the EU ETS innovation fund

WATCH WEBSTREAMING HERE Wednesday 25th May 16:30 – 19:00 European Parliament – Room A5E2 With presentations from: Tomas Wyns, VUB “Decarbonising Europe’s Energy Intensive Industries: The Final Frontier” Donal O’Riain, Founder of Ecocem (watch the webstream for presentation) Martin Pei, Chief Technical Officer for SSAB “HYBRIT – A Swedish prefeasibility study project for hydrogen based […] more »

European Parliament Event: RE-PLUMBING THE EU ETS: low-carbon innovation and carbon leakage in a post-Paris world

   Tuesday 15th March, 15:00 – 17:00 European Parliament – Room 5G1  With presentations from:  PETER ZAPFEL, DG CLIMA, European Commission “Innovation and carbon leakage in the EU ETS reform proposal” TOMAS WYNS, Vrije Universiteit Brussel “Post 2020 industrial and innovation policy” FEMKE DE JONG, Carbon Market Watch “Carbon leakage” and industry ambition in a post-Paris world […] more »

COP21 SIDE EVENT: A reality check: climate change and impacts on the ground – 12/6

Day: Sunday, 6 December Venue: People’s Summit – Climate Forum The impact of climate change on human rights is a two-fold problem. For one, man-made climate change has significant effects on several human rights, such as the right to life, health, food water and housing, among others. On the other hand, also certain actions to address […] more »

COP21 SIDE EVENT: What are NAMAs and how is civil society engagement important for their success – 12/9

Day: Wednesday, 9 December   Venue: Civil society space, Room 8 Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) were established as a vehicle to help developing countries pursue their development and mitigation goals. However, owing to the absence of regulations on stakeholder engagement and lack of environmental criteria, NAMAs face several challenges. The need for an event on […] more »

COP21 SIDE EVENT: Accountability of results based finance- build on the best and learn when things go wrong – 12/4

Day: Friday, 4 December Venue: Official COP venue, Observer room 1 On 4 December 2015, as part of the COP21 in Paris, Carbon Market Watch together with Both ENDS and Transparency International organized a side event on accountability of results based finance. Programme Eva Filzmoser, Director at Carbon Market Watch, Lessons learnt from the Clean Development Mechanism […] more »

COP21 SIDE EVENT & CAPMAN LAUNCH: The role of ambition under the Paris climate treaty and the impact of hot air on the EU’s climate policies – 12/2

A key consideration for the Paris treaty is how to incentivize real additional climate action while avoiding the build-up of “hot air”. The lack of environmental integrity of market mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol -such as the Joint Implementation- has undermined the viability of this international climate treaty. Similarly, experience with emissions trading systems to date shows that they are severely oversupplied and have accumulated a large amount of hot air permits. How can we avoid the problems of the past and keep hot air out of the Paris climate treaty + the EU’s climate policies? more »

SB42 SIDE EVENT: Effective stakeholder engagement in NAMA development and implementation

Effective stakeholder engagement is widely recognized as a key success factor for Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs). In this event, experts from the civil society, business and the NAMA facility will discuss the role of civil society in development and implementation of NAMAs and share experiences and best practices. more »