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NEWS: Forestry offsets could turn EU’s 40% climate target into merely 35%

A new report from the Öko-Institut shows that the use of forestry offsets to replace efforts in other sectors would undermine the EU’s 2030 climate target by 5%. The legislative proposal for the land use sector that the European Commission is expected to present early next year should therefore uphold the environmental integrity of the EU’s 2030 climate target by treating the emissions and removals from our forests and soils completely separate from the efforts of other sectors. more »

Carbon Market Watch Newsletter Issue #4, September 2013

Dear friends,

The IPCC just released the first part of its new report. The news are daunting. We will see dramatic changes and effects will persist for many centuries even if emissions of CO2 stop. If we don’t act now, climate change will rapidly alter the lands and waters we all depend upon for survival. The 19th international climate negotiation will be held in November in Warsaw. World leaders have done little to halt the climate threat. 19 years ago the UN’s climate change convention was adopted with the goal to stabilise greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. Many countries, including Poland, the host of the upcoming COP are still aggressively promoting coal, the largest contributor to climate change. But there is also good news: Some of the world’s largest banks are starting to limit their funding for coal power. Also interest in CDM coal power projects is shrinking rapidly. more »

Carbon Market Watch Newsletter Issue #3, May 2013

Dear friends, Carbon markets are in the dumps and policy makers and market participants alike are scrambling to come to their rescue. The Carbon Expo in Barcelona just came to a close and the next intercessional UNFCCC conference of this year starts in Bonn on 3 June. This year’s Carbon Expo praised carbon markets as […] more »

Carbon Market Watch Newsletter Issue #2, March 2013

In this issue, we look at a real hot issue in Doha at COP-18 regarding how countries would deal with the 13 billion left over emission permits from the first Kyoto commitment period. Although we did not get full cancellation of the surplus, the Doha outcome was a success. Parties decided that only a part of the huge amount of ‘hot air’ can be used until 2020. A clever amendment made to the Kyoto Protocol will also avoid the build-up of new surplus…. more »

Carbon Market Watch Analysis COP-18: We won a game of poker on the Titanic!

Much to our regret, countries who met at COP18 in Doha did little to address the billion tonne gap we need to close in order to keep us safe from catastrophic climate effects: No new mitigation pledges were made and most loopholes remain. Yet, some positive decisions were taken: Parties did agree that no new hot air should be created in the next Kyoto commitment period and that only a limited amount of the 13 billion tonnes of Hot Air from the first commitment period can be used. more »

Carbon Market Watch Newsletter Issue #1, Nov 2012

Dear friends, We are proud to present this first edition of the Carbon Market Watch Newsletter. Carbon Market Watch will continue the activities of CDM Watch and expand further to other carbon market initiatives. In that spirit, we look forward to new endeavors. There is plenty to watch on the horizon! Eyes are turning towards […] more »

CDM Watch Newsletter #20, July 2012

Dear friends,

CDM Watch is pleased to bring you the pre-summer edition of our Newsletter. The issues covered in this edition are definitely hotter than Brussel’s July temperatures. more »

CDM Watch Newsletter #19, May 2012

Dear friends,

The CDM Executive Board will have its 67th meeting just before the 14-25 May UN climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany. In this newsletter we give an overview of the relevant carbon market issues that are on the agenda in Bonn. Of course our team will be there to join fellow ENGOs to advocate for environmental and social integrity. more »

CDM Watch Newsletter #18, February 2012

According to Mayan believes, cataclysmic or transformative events will happen in 2012. In this first CDM Watch newsletter in 2012, we are looking at several issues and examine whether this could also be true for the international carbon market. more »

CDM Watch Newsletter #17, November 2011

Dear friends,

As the upcoming COP-17 in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal is nearly here, we are happy to share our latest newsletter with you. We focus on important policy changes that need to be addressed in Durban. more »