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Letter to Sacremento Chair: Support bill SB 605 and Global Warming Solutions

An important new bill, the SB605,  is moving through the Sacramento legislature, and to support it many organizations signed a letter sent to the Chair of the Sacramento’s Natural Resources Committee. Under AB32, California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, greenhouse gas polluters are currently allowed to comply with cap-and-trade limits in part by purchasing “emission offsets.” […] more »

Letter to ICAO on Global MBM Process

European NGOs are deeply concerned at the continuing lack of progress at ICAO towards an agreement to implement a global market-based measure  addressing international aviation emissions. The next weeks leading up to the 38th Assembly are critical and we ask the EU to take account of NGO concerns set out in the attachment and to […] more »

Press Release: UN Rep on Indigenous Peoples Asked to Investigate Human Rights Violations Caused by Panama’s Barro Blanco Dam (CIEL, CIAM, EarthJustice)

Press Release from the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), Environmental Advocacy Center, Panama (El Centro de Incidencia Ambiental – CIAM) and Earthjustice which highlights the work that has been done over the past weeks on the Barro Blanco CDM project. more »

Submission on Joint Implementation guidelines and revision (CAN-International)

This submission to the UNFCC comes from CAN International and outlines recommendations on on how the joint implementation guidelines and other decisions of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol pertaining to joint implementation should be revised. more »

CAN-I ECO3 Article: Will Doha Burst the Hot Air bubble?

This article was written in part by Carbon Market Watch and originally published for the Climate Negotiations 2012 NGO Newsletter: ECO – Issue 3. A staggering 13 billion emissions permits are left over from the first Kyoto commitment period. Hot air is looming large – and threatens the viability of CP2 and any future climate deal. ECO […] more »

Film Screening at COP18: The Carbon Rush

A Middle Eastern premiere and special presentation of the film ‘The Carbon Rush’ is occurring during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP18 Conference in Doha, Qatar. The film is presented by the Indigenous Environmental Network. It is a public event and entrance is free. See the Facebook event page for more info. Location: STUDENT […] more »

CAN-I ECO2 Article: Right to appeal is not a game of two halves

This article was written in part by Carbon Market Watch and originally published for the Climate Negotiations 2012 NGO Newsletter: ECO – Issue 2. Here in Doha Parties will decide on an appeals procedure against decisions of the CDM Executive Board. It is crucial that civil society will be eligible to launch an appeal.  But wait, ECO […] more »

SEI Policy Brief: Transitioning away from large-scale power projects: A simple and effective fix for the CDM?

This policy brief, based on SEI research for the High-Level Panel of the CDM Policy Dialogue, shows how large-scale power supply projects may undermine the value and integrity of the CDM and proposes transitioning away from them. It recommends that 1) the CMP and the CDM Executive Board should consider steps to graduate large-scale power supply projects from the CDM, such as ceasing registrations and crediting period renewals of these projects; 2) buying countries should consider disallowing purchase of CERs from large-scale power supply projects after a certain date and/or credit vintage; and 3) countries should support mechanisms other than project-based offsets to promote lower-carbon power
more »

Expert Policy Paper: Standardized Baselines for the CDM – Are We on the Right Track?

New policy brief on standardized baselines (SBL) by eminent experts in the field criticise the CDM’s current approaches to standardisation. The authors highlight that current guidelines are impractical to apply and could result in significant over-crediting in some cases and remove incentives in others. more »

Sandbag Report: Help or Hindrance? Offsetting in the EU ETS

This report follows on work analysing offset usage that Sandbag started in 2009. Its primary purpose is to highlight what is happening on the ground. Linking the installations in the EU ETS with the projects they bought offset from has brought the use of carbon credits to life, as well as dramatically increasing the transparency […] more »