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The CDM Benefit Tracker India

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The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) was designed to bring sustainable development to developing countries while enabling industrialized countries to reduce emission in the most cost-effective way. However, eye witness accounts and numerous fact finding missions show that CDM projects often do not live up to the sustainable development promises indicated at the project design stage.

This Benefit Tracker aims to provide transparency about the local realities of CDM projects in India, invites comments from project developers and aims to seek dialogue to improve the local situations where claimed benefits have not yet materialized.

What is the CDM Benefit Tracker?

  • A publicly accessible interactive map to provide transparency about the performance of CDM projects in India
  • A tool to compare the sustainable development benefit promises indicated in the Project Design Documents (PDD) based on first-hand information from people living at the vicinities of projects and fact finding missions

The CDM Benefit Tracker is a project by Carbon Market Watch. Information about CDM projects have been collected in close collaboration with network members in India. Please visit the CDM Benefit Tracker here: