Carbon Market Watch

碳市场观察(原 CDM观察)仔细地监督碳市场并倡导公平和有效的气候保护。

Policy Submissions

CDM Watch scrutinises carbon markets and advocates for fair and effective climate protection. Here you find links to submissions we have made on various policy issues relating to the CDM and carbon markets:

CDM Executive Board

CDM Watch closely follows CDM policy developments discussed at the CDM Executive Board. Often the CDM Executive Board issues a public call for input on specific issues.


CDM Watch advocates for stronger environmental and social integrity of UN offsetting schemes and new market mechanisms.


CDM Watch works to ensure that European governments live up to their claim to be at the forefront of international efforts to combat climate change. We do this by campaigning for EU action against carbon credits that do not represent real emission reductions and by advocating for the inclusion of additional criteria to uphold human rights and promote sustainable development. We also put pressure on credit buyers not to purchase carbon credits from socially and environmentally harmful projects.